WIP of a piece for a show in October
Acrylic on canvas

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Anonymous: How the hell do you get acrylic to look like that? Do you use a medium?

No medium…Lots and lots of thin layers, crosshatching, color matching (VERY small increments of value change) and luck? I tend to space out when I paint, too, and I think I must do some kind of voodoo magic because I don’t really know how to explain it, myself.
I will have a video or picture mash up, soon. 

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Almost done <3
Acrylic on gessoed woodblock.

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Anonymous: Will you be making prints of any of your more recent artwork?

If there was a demand, absolutely.
Shoot me an email or note or…just like this post if you’re interested. I would love to start making some prints. 

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nekomemories: I'm an art teacher and I cannot BELIEVE that you get acrylic to look like tgat

I have insane amount of respect for teachers, so that comes as a big compliment. Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to capture the process I use, as it is hard if not impossible to explain linguistically. 
The moment I have captured it on film or in a picture motif, I will be posting it. I would love to supply a teacher with techniques to install in the youngins’ :>

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Anonymous: Is there anywhere we can see the painting in your icon?

On page 19 of my tumblr: “Draw Ghosts on My Back”

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I’d kiss em. #wip #painting #acrylic

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Kelsey Beckett

Wheeee!!!! <3333

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Anonymous: First of all, I would like to say that I am a big fan of your work & that I think you are absolutely amazing. I love your style. I noticed that you tend to use acrylic for painting- how do you get it to look so much like oil? Any tips or tricks that you use to achieve this? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Thank you so much :o) 
And it’s kind of complicated…I started with oil and absolutely loved how colors blended together…but I hated the mess/drying time/ loose-ness/ lack of control. Acrylic is fast drying and deliberate, which is just lovely. There’s no easy way to explain how I blend colors other than to say that I color match. If I’m working on the skin, I start with the main tone, then gradually add more darkness/light/color to that paint puddle in very, very minuscule increments.  Imagine a puddle of pink paint that has white added to it one drop at a time and you’ll slightly understand what I’m doing.
Some/most artists glaze over dried paint with a darker tone in order to add shadows or highlights. This drives me absolutely batshit insane and I cannot stand how messy it looks. I do everything manually which I do not recommend if you have a short attention span and or a life. 
God. I need to just make a tutorial. I PROMISE. 

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