Today is my birthday :o)
I hope all of YOU have a good day!!!
<3 <3 <3

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Hello followers!

You know the drill…Pick your favorite color scheme. 

I hope it’s the one I like *w*

cheers <3

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Anonymous: Hi! You're a huge inspiration to me, your work is astounding! I saw you mention that you wanted people to ask you things, so I thought I'd throw one your way. How do you go about selecting colors when starting a piece? It's something I really struggle with and would love to know how you go about it!

Good question! For me, when I start a sketch or a final sketch, I tend to have a “feel” for whatever colors I want. Like, a general mood for the piece. Once the line-work has been laid out, I just start experimenting with colors on a layer underneath. Generally all the colors will be in a the same “mood” spectrum…cool colors, neutrals, warm colors, earthy colors etc.

Something I will also do is use the noise option in the IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > GRADIENT with different layer effects…that sounds kinda confusing so maybe i’ll do a little tutorial on that layer.

Always save images that have color schemes you are inspired by so that you can reference them later. It’s okay to reference other peoples color schemes. They’ll probably turn out a zillion times different by the end of it, anyway. Color, for me, is a very organic experience. You have to feel it out. 

Hope that helps :)

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Anonymous: Your recent work is amazing! I like the less realistic style in the piece you just posted! It's wonderful, I also loved your last response about it's how you use the brush! I wish you could teach me! You're amazing seriously

Thank you so much :o) I appreciate the feedback.  It’s been quite refreshing to dabble in a different style. I used to be very conceptual, before I got hung up on realism and technicals. I’ll require some feedback from my amazing followers as I adventure down this new road!!! And yesyes everyone ask me questions about how I do things I would love to answer :o)

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This is what I will be working on tonight
as well as a bottle of Pinot Noir.
What are your plans?
Also, thoughts on my recent works? I’m interested in making a change. 
Happy St. Patties <3

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Anonymous: wowowowowowow your art??? how is it possible? Do you use the default brushes? this is witchcraft!

:D Yer a wizard, Kelsey.
But no, I downloaded round brushes that have a bit more…complexity to them. But not much. Just enough to make some things less smooth. I use hard brushes. Brushes are not the answer though, my friend. I make entire paintings with the default brush without realizing it…everything depends on how you well you use it. 

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By my button!!! And I edited the photographs ooooh :0) go admiiiire!!!!

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A progress shot of a pice I’m working on for my love.
Based off Hannah from the movie…”Hannah”

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The madness!
Alright, so a lot of you have asked for tutorials and I really, really suck at remembering to do them. I forgot to do it this time too, but I figured I would do SOMETHING that could possibly help.

((You will need to open this in another window))

I also included a clean screen shot of where I am at this very moment so you can see what it looks like before I render. 

Also…shame on me for not featuring a WOC sooner. To those of you who know this artist, right on. There are literally like 3 usable photos of her on the internet so this has been a real bear to get started…Hope you enjoy the rest of the process. 


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slumberwolf: Ahhh yolandi posted your art of her on her instagram

I know I am dying. Like I’ve been dying all day and freaking out because she’s so fokkin cute and she said I’m cool *O* 

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