chemademedoit: Hello! I was curious if you'll be getting the margot piece you did a few weeks ago available as a print in your shop. :) thanks!

I will! Absolutely :) at the moment I cannot, because she’s going to be in the “Bad Dad’s” show at Spoke Art in CA. I’d like to keep the hype for the piece up while it’s on display. Once she’s been sold or the show is over however, I’ll probably be making some limited editions.

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Anonymous: I just want to tell you how awesome you are! I saw your art and fell in love with it. So talented! You have a new fan now. How long did it take for you to develop that style? I'm a new follower so I dont know if I'm very late but Happy Birthday!

Haha you are more early than you are late with the Happy Birthday ;)
And thank you so much! I’m glad my work has touched you on some level. As far as style goes, I went through a lot of rigorous traditional and technical training before I could even begin to think of my own style. I studied the masters techniques as well as the history of painting. I had very difficult foundations courses with rough teachers who pushed me to learn the basics of drawing and painting. Only after having learned realism and technique did I start to venture off on my own. So it’s only been a few years now, that I’ve been painting the way I see fit for myself. 
Hope this helps! <3

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"A Flamboyant Death"

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Acrylic on woodblock
Finally got this lovely darling scanned and documented. She will be on her way to her new owner, soon 
As always, I am open to commissions.


Death is a character created by Neil Gaiman in the series Sandman. I do NOT take any ownership of this original character. This is a fan interpretation. 

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Having some fun with my (brand new) replacement tablet wacom sent me when my mini USB port broke…was not expecting a new tablet.
I’m not switching back to digital, but I felt like a refresher. 

WIP for the Glitter Milk Gallery ”Cult of Cute” show.

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urbantribal: Hello! i was wondering if you would be willing to tell what artist greatly influence your work?

James Jean and Audrey Kawasaki were my two first great loves. They were both in an issue of High Fructose when I was a junior in high school. I was obsessed. In college, I fell in love with Michael Hussar and to this day, worship his paintings. I’m currently a big fan of Charlie Immer, Tara McPherson and Andrew Hem, as well as many photographers such as Paolo Roversi.   

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Anonymous: What brand of acrylic paint do you use?

A mix of liquitex and Golden as well as some Windsor newton. Mostly Liquitex, however. 

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Anonymous: why are all your subjects white? I love your style though.

A vast majority of my subjects are white because as a white woman, it’s what I’m most familiar/efficient with.  When I was working digitally, I came to a point where I was comfortable enough with my skill level to attempt different skin tones. This only came once I felt dominant with the medium. Currently, I’m still becoming familiar with traditional painting, and as such I have to build up my skill with different skin tones. 
Basically, light colors are easier for me to control at my current skill level. When I am more comfortable with the medium I’ll be able to ACCURATELY portray more WOC. As it stands, I have no preference toward or against any ethnicity in my paintings. I have no intention of a fully caucasian portfolio. 
Hope this answers your question, and thank you :o)

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Ready to ship her away to far off lands <3 
acrylic on canvas

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WIP of a piece for a show in October
Acrylic on canvas

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